Spiritual Podcast

Spiritual Podcast

“Enlightenment is something you can have right now, but you have to let go of everything and become completely unattached. Let go of your identity and find yourself discovering who you are, who you’ve always been and who you’ll always be. All you have to do is be still and just be.”

Dr. Robert Puff

Tuning into our spiritual self is an important element of being able to achieve enlightenment. In order to become more spiritual, however, you need to be willing to let go of all you’ve previously learnt before now. Take the step forward and learn how to “just be” so that you locate your true self, instead of identifying with the self that you have created throughout your journey on earth so far. What we’re looking at here is a spiritual, permanent self that is greater than your experience on earth and which leads to a more enriched and enlightened existence.

Spiritual podcasts are sources that assist in allowing you to begin your spiritual journey of finding and discovering your ultimate, permanent spiritual self. Life, then, is able to become a richer, more beautiful experience.

Dr. Robert Puff, a clinical psychologist, meditation expert, international speaker and author, offers a plethora of inspiring spiritual podcasts that provide insight into a range of enlightenment topics. Such topics aim to help you discover the answers to questions such as “Who am I?”, “How can I reach enlightenment?”, “Why is it important to lose identification with the external world?”, “How can learning to just be help me connect to my higher self?” and much more.

Think of these podcasts as the beginning of your adventure into understanding enlightenment and becoming more spiritual, more of whom you were meant to be. The following podcasts will therefore help you to explore elements of enlightenment and spiritual living, whether you are just starting out on your journey or if you are further along in the experience. The result will be that you will gain the guidance to improve your life and you will be able to locate your true, eternal self.
Here are 30 spiritual podcasts that offer you valuable guidance and light.

1. To find peace of mind we have to go beyond the mind
We often try to seek peace of mind, but it is actually beyond the mind. This podcast shows you how to find the pure peace that exists beyond thought.

2. 3 big steps towards enlightenment
How does one feel enlightened? Anyone can achieve steps towards achieving spiritual enlightenment, but it helps to know where and how to start.

3. Not identifying with our desires and just being
Desires cause us suffering and discontent. Knowing how to stop identifying with them can lead to our inner freedom and spiritual wellness, as can be learnt in this podcast.

4. Rembrandt’s self-portrait and discovering who we are
Rembrandt often painted himself as a way to ask the question “Who am I?” We should spend time to examine who we really are.

5. Silence is our teacher
Being still and present in the moment can enable your spiritual life to flourish.

6. God and Enlightenment
Our labels of God can be limiting to our spirituality. We need to move beyond the concepts.

7. Who are we? Wake up!
Enlightenment is about waking up from the reality that life isn’t real; it’s just an illusion. So let’s listen to this spiritual podcast and wake up from the dream!

8. Happiness and Peace are our Natural State
We might try to search for peace and happiness in our quest for living a spiritual life, but those things are already within our reach. Be aware of them and embrace them…

9. The Ultimate Purpose of Meditation
What is meditation? It holds the key to living a fuller, more spiritual life. Here is how meditation can enrich your life.

10. Past, Present and Future
The present moment is all there is and it holds gifts that the past and future cannot offer you.

11. The Importance of Just Being and Stop Creating Mental Opposites
We label many things in life but these labels prevent us from the spiritual blessing of what is right now.

12. Spontaneous Living: How to Live an Enlightened Life
Life is like a play and if we want to live our parts well, we should try to make spiritual choices that are spontaneous and not from the ego.

13. Focus on yourself
Being the witness to what is happening in your life without identifying with them – or letting them define you – is the path to your spiritual self.

14. States of Being
What states of being do we exist in and which one is our true, primordial, foundational state?

15. What is the Ultimate Cause of Everything?
Everything in the world is interlinked in space-time, but in enlightenment we go beyond time and causality. Here is how.

16. Suffering Stops When We Identify with Our True Selves
Life can be a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows until we discover who we are.


17. What is Real?
Everything that exists can only be because we are aware of it. Everything unfolds from our ultimate self.


18. We Are Beyond Being and Non-Being
Our true selves are permanent, beyond any labels we can use. Realizing we are both being and non-being allows our minds to still so that we can live a more spiritual and enlightened life.


19. How to Live an Ego-less Life Without Labels
We take on many labels from a young age but these are part of our egoic identities. Lose the ego to live a more spiritual life.


20. The World Isn’t Flat: Changing the Way We See Ourselves
We assume everything in the world is separate from ourselves, but what if we saw the universe as part of the spiritual being we are?


21. How to Love the World and Live an Enlightened Life
There are cruelties in the world so spiritual people often wonder: how can we change the world? Here are the answers.


22. The Journey Towards Enlightenment
When starting the path to enlightenment, you might wonder what to expect from enlightenment. This spiritual podcast provides the answers.


23. How to End Suffering and Find Happiness
This is one of the crucial questions we often battle with in life, but we need to learn that we need to escape the labels of the mind.

24. Who Are We If We Wake Up From Our Lives?
Who we are when we dream can be different from who we are in our lives, but we can treat life as a dream to gain a more spiritual perspective.


25. Total Recall of Who We Are
Self-identification causes bondage but we can gain spirituality and freedom by realizing who we really are. This spiritual podcast will show you how.


26. Living with Desires
We have many desires in our lives but desires are not permanent. We cannot define ourselves according to them.


27. Who Am I?
This introduction to enlightenment provides a bit of background about Dr. Puff and looks at the importance of spiritual questions.

28. Our True Self
How to enhance our awareness, which is a key aspect of spiritual enlightenment.

29. What Is the Ultimate Reality of What Is?
Finding the permanence in life so that we do not define ourselves with what is transient.

30. Silence is the Royal Road to Enlightenment
Discovering our spiritual selves is often found in silence. Here is how to stop engaging with the external world and discover your higher self.