Self Actualization


Self actualization is an interesting term. Whatever we are is not real, and whatever we are is just a fragment of the abundance which is hidden within us. When we came into the world, we were a blank slate; we must not forget the tremendous potential and opportunities that were vested upon us as we proceed in life. We are born as a possibility and it is up to us whether we fully realize our potential or not.

Self actualization is a basic need in all of us. We are like a seed that needs to be nurtured so that it completes its circle of life and bears flowers. Self actualization is essential and unless a person explores what he can be or what he is meant to be, unless his destiny is fulfilled, unless he becomes a tree fully grown from a seed, there is something missing. It is not possible to shake this feeling of something missing without the help of self actualization. No amount of prestige or power or wealth or other material gain will ever be able to fill that gap.

Self actualization is not a matter of excelling in a particular field. If you have the potential to be a great musician and you become one, a part of you is actualized, but not your whole being. Greatness in a particular field is partial, and far from absolute. When you jump in the air, you remain suspended for a moment and you are not on Earth. But you cannot deceive gravity for long, and you quickly return to the ground. In the same way, when you are partially actualized, you may experience moments of ecstasy, but self actualization allows you to experience your full and complete potential. Self actualization makes you a total being. It is not a partial flowering. It gives life its real meaning. It helps you relate to your inner world and bring forth your inborn talents.

We all have the potential to excel. The realization of one’s full potential is imperative. We need to continuously access our strengths and weaknesses to achieve full attainment of our goals. Self actualization is self-exploration, it is introspection. Once you start taking responsibility for your actions without fearing the consequences, you have taken a step toward self actualization. We are all responsible for everything happening in our life. Dare to risk, because no one has ever gained anything without taking a plunge into life. Sitting on the bank of the river and watching its flow won’t allow you to reach anywhere. Take a plunge, and dare to explore.