There are only limited benefits of taking a dualistic approach, that is an approach to life that explains the basic of idea of duality. On the other hand, non-duality is viewing the material world as an illusion. Separation of the material world and the spiritual world is not inherent in one’s basic nature. Non duality – says that separating yourself from your Creator and the existence of the spiritual world won’t lead you anywhere. Non duality means – that everything is a manifestation of the Creator and that creation is not in any way different from the Creator.

The full meaning of life can only be understood in its totality, not in fragments. A fragmented life is far from a happy life. The philosophy of non-duality states that there is only one spirit, though it manifests itself in many forms. This may sound strange at first but, once understood, it has the power to change your perception about life and how you live it.

You are in constant communion with the Universal Spirit. The experience of non-duality in its highest form, is the realization that one spirit is acting through and manifesting itself in everything.

The concept of nonduality has existed from time immemorial but has only recently regained recognition in the modern world. A dualistic approach is always fragmented. When you know pain, you know pleasure. Good reminds you of bad. Nonduality, on the other hand, is the consciousness that we are separate from duality and that we are the eternal consciousness. As long as we remain simply observers in our lives, duality will persist. But once we have taken the first step toward nonduality, the observer and the observed soon begin to merge into one.

The absence of the feeling of possession is the stepping stone to the realization of the greater goal, nonduality. There comes a state when there are no distractions, no opposites, and no contradictory forces. Nonduality is experienced when all the good and bad thoughts are swept aside with great consciousness, with intense awareness. It is unalloyed consciousness. It symbolizes pure consciousness. Nonduality doesn’t mean that nothing is good or bad. It is the realization that leads to a higher peak, when the distinction between the two disappears, when a person goes beyond good or bad. This is where spiritual awakening occurs. With nonduality, you can focus upon the casual aspects of life and live in harmony with existence.