New Age Spirituality

Spirituality is the pivot around which religion and our whole being revolves. Religion is the reflection of spirituality. It is not a question of morality, it is an inner revolution. It cannot be practiced; rather it belongs to one’s essential being. New age spirituality is not bound by conventional spiritual ideas. New age spirituality is not religiously, socially, or geographically bonded. It is more objective than subjective. Initially, this may sound strange: how can objectivity and spirituality coexist? Today’s generation doesn’t and won’t believe unless given a logical, cut-and-dry explanation.

New age spirituality emphasizes rational reasoning. Presently, spirituality is no longer considered as a link connecting an individual soul to the divine. It also aims to help an individual attain peaceful living in this turbulent world. Lack of spirituality creates a void. Spirituality is an experience; like love, it can be described using hundreds of words, and yet remain undefined. It cannot be perceived by the senses. It is a state of mind, an attitude.

In today’s scientific world, why is there so great an emphasis on spirituality? It is always beneficial to embark upon a spiritual sojourn, and spirituality gives greater simplicity and meaning to life. It imparts one with divine guidance to life’s greatest problems. Spirituality is food for the soul. It guides our daily activities. It has healing powers. It brings forth a feeling of gratitude in a person. It reduces stress and anger. A spiritual person is less afraid of death, being engulfed by a strong sense of well-being. New age spirituality emphasizes the evolution of an individual, and the ability to create a better future for oneself. It empowers one to face the ever-changing world. Spirituality probes each facet of life, often revealing vital solutions for the many dead-ended problems an individual may face over the course of a lifetime. If not for religious notions, spirituality can be embraced for its many practical implications and for the various advantages associated with a life lived spiritually.