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Books On Enlightenment

When you are starting your journey to discover greater enlightenment, it often helps to have some guidance at hand.

Books can be a great source, especially when they are written by experts or people who have found their way to enlightenment and can help others on their own paths. Such books that inspire, enrich your understanding of various enlightenment topics, and can help brighten your way to greater self-discovery, are always worth having in easy reach.

Books that feature enlightenment guidance can provide you with valuable tools you require to gain higher enlightenment and spiritual awareness in your life. Here are some great enlightenment books to help you on your wonderful journey to living an awakened life.

Read on to discover how the books can enrich your life.

List of Enlightenment Books

Spiritual Enlightenment: Awakening to the Supreme Reality
Author: Dr. Robert Puff
In Spiritual Enlightenment: Awakening to the Supreme Reality, Dr. Robert Puff explores how we can open the door to who we are and start the exciting journey of living lives that are spiritually awakened.

In this book, Dr. Puff covers a variety of fascinating aspects relating to enlightenment, such as the power of silence and meditation; how to discover your real self; what being enlightened means for how we interact with the world; as well as how to find peace in the here and now. The issues the book deals with pinpoint many problems we face in our current day, such as how to be happier/more peaceful/more spiritual. It answers these questions in an insightful way that enables us to understand how to go about achieving them as well as how to have more enlightened lives.

Dr. Puff provides you with practical advice that you can use to help you start your amazing journey towards enlightenment. With this book, enlightenment is no longer an overwhelming concept, but rather it becomes a tangible gift that can revolutionize your existence on earth.

I Am That: Talks With Nisargadatta Maharaj
Author: Nisargadatta Maharaj
This book contains dialogues Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, one of the great sages of India, had with his followers. People used to seek guidance from Maharaj, on issues pertaining to destroying false identities. Maharaj’s mission was to help people gain enlightenment by understanding their true nature and the eternity of being. One of his great messages was that the real experience is not with the mind, but rather with the self.
Be As You Are: The Teachings Of Sri Ramana Maharshi
Author: Ramana Maharshi
Maharshi was one of the greatest spiritual teachers from India. This is another one of the enlightenment books that contain a collection of conversations between the spiritual teacher, in this case Maharshi, and the people who used to go to his ashram for guidance in their lives. Maharshi believed that enlightenment is not a mystical state but the very essence of man. The conversations featured in this book will help you investigate more about yourself so that you can reach a state of enlightenment.
Reflections on Meditation: A Guide for Beginners
Author: Dr. Robert Puff
If you’re interested in meditation but you aren’t sure how to begin, psychologist and meditation expert Dr. Robert Puff provides you with valuable information on meditation for physical and mental health. Puff, who has also been practicing meditation for over thirty years, teaches several types of non-religious meditation in this book, with details on how to practice each of them. The book also contains answers to various questions that beginners will wonder about. Think of this book as your base camp for starting your personal journey to enlightenment.
Living a Peaceful Life
Author: Dr. Robert Puff
This book is the zenith of decades of Dr. Puff’s research and personal explorations into the highest levels of human living. Things that are covered include learning to live in the now, being aware of your surroundings, practicing clearing your mind of cluttering self-talk, finding delight in everything around you, surrounding yourself with wonders of what is, and letting go of every thought. Learning to live in the now, Dr. Puff says, means that the eventual change in you will not only be an acceptance of “what is” but a true loving of it. This is sure to bring you a more enlightened experience of life.
Meditation for Health and Happiness
Author: Dr. Robert Puff
In this book Dr. Puff discusses the importance of daily meditation. By sharing findings from research studies by scientists and psychologists across the country, Dr. Puff talks about the long-term effects of stress on the body and mind, and how regular meditation can heal everything from high blood pressure, heart palpitations and back pain to mental depression and anxiety. Dr. Puff guides you through basic meditation but also teaches you about the history of meditation and how it has been included into many great religions. This book offers knowledge and fascinating information, both for beginners and people who have been practicing meditation for years.