Spiritual Enlightenment & The Play of Life: The Beauty of Nonduality

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We need to become aware of the fact that we are, and everything comes out of who we are. All there is, is beingness. Silent awareness, things that can’t be described but what we are, and everything, is not two, non-dual, isness.

The universe in which we are living is more like a play. It isn’t really real. It’s merely a play and we’re not real as players in it. We’re just acting our parts or being acted, and the only thing that is permanent is our awareness, our witness of our playing our part. We’re the actor, director, playwright, lighting, background scenes; we are everything. But what we remember is our own beingness. We’ve forgotten our full beingness of being everything that’s a part of the play.

There are many decisions we need to make throughout our lives. If we awaken to the fact that we are, and everything is merely a shadow of who we are, then we know it’s just a play. But then how do we live our lives in this play called earth? How do we live, make choices and know what to do? How do we decide what to do for our careers? Who should we date? Should we have children? And so on.

Essentially, how do we play our part well? It’s actually very simple. Again, this is about getting back to the basics and the basics are that because we aren’t, we just are the witness to what’s happening. Whatever we do is going to be the right thing to do because that’s part of our play. Whatever we do is going to be what we’re supposed to do. However, if we want to live our lives well, and that seems to be the way our part is going to be played in this play, then the way to achieve this is by making choices that are spontaneous, effortless and without much egoic commentary.

Our egoic minds are constantly thinking about what to do. But if we learn our roles and we understand that we’re pure beingness, we’ll live our lives like a beautiful dancer. It is true that the dancer has to learn how to dance, but once he or she learns how to dance, then they dance life. We can do the same thing and just flow with life. We will go with what seems most natural and spontaneous. It’s almost as if life unfolds beautifully as if things happen spontaneously, but in a very mystical, beautiful way.

When we just experience life in the freedom of knowing who we are and then make choices that seem right to make at that time without thinking too much about whether they’re right or wrong (we need to be careful of labels such as “right” or “wrong” because they can become a trap), what happens is that we realize that everyone is part of the play.

Another thing that will happen is that we won’t try or desire to hurt other people; rather, we will want to love everyone because everyone is really us. We will love everyone and flow from that love. What spontaneously arises from us is something beautiful. What unfolds – even though it is still a play – is a beautiful play that we get to enjoy and it leads to what I could call happiness. A happy ending.

Living in a sense happily ever after, or at least as long as we live this life, will occur because we’re flowing with instead of fighting life. When we don’t fight life and rather just flow with it and we trust that things are happening the way they’re supposed to be happening, then we relax. In this deep relaxation and deep trust, life goes well. Ultimately, whatever happens is exactly what’s supposed to happen. So we can just relax and even enjoy it. It’s the same as going to a movie in that we enjoy watching the movie even though we don’t know how it’s going to turn out.

The ups and downs, the dramas and excitements, the happiness and sadness can all be pleasurable– even sadness can be pleasurable when we enjoy it from the perspective of a witness instead of getting engaged in it. Rather, we can respond to it spontaneously. For a few days let’s try spontaneous living through being the witness. Let’s see if it doesn’t go pretty well when we don’t have any fears or desires that we’re holding onto and we realize that every aspect of life can have something beautiful in it. Then, whatever happens is something we can find pleasurable, something that we can find joy in. Life will be able to flow well simply by the fact of stepping back and not getting so caught up in everything. We realize “Hmm, this life of ours is really just to play and it’s one we have played infinite number of times before and an infinite number of times again.” So why don’t we just enjoy it?

Again, it’s like going to a movie. We just enjoy what we watch, whether it’s a good or not so good movie. Let’s treat our lives in the same way and just enjoy our lives. With losing expectations and thoughts like “What is going to happen? It needs to turn out this way” what happens is that we’re just good with whatever happens. We flow with things and life becomes far less of a struggle. It becomes more of an absolutely beautiful experience.

Even when there is sadness or loss, we can still find that life flows well because we don’t expect things to stay the same. We know that life changes and we know that we’re not even in control of everything. Our main purpose is merely to just be the witness of our lives. From being the witness, we spontaneously flow with life.

We can try living a far more spontaneous life in the moment. Instead of being two years into the future or three years into the past, let’s be right here and right now. Life in the right here and right now is called ‘living in the zone’ and it enables life to go really well because we are the silent witness living in the present moment who is flowing with life. We are listening, watching what arises within us and in others, and we are flowing. We are not fighting life. What will happen is that life will get better.

If we work on living in the present moment just in beingness, from there we can see what spontaneously arises from us and we can see if life goes poorly or well. The key is to watch the mind. The egoic mind loves to plan things and make things happen. Living spontaneously is far more raw and spontaneous than that. It’s not about “I have to have this and I want that so I’m going to go after it.” Right now it’s far more about “What am I to do? How am I going to live my life right now without any thoughts?” and see what happens.

We may find that life is beautiful, but at the deepest level, life just is. We are.

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