How To Find Enlightenment

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There are many different definitions of enlightenment. In the Western tradition, the term "nakeva" is known as "it isn’t what you think it is."In the Eastern tradition, the term "neti-neti" means " not this, not that." In other words, enlightenment is really beyond explanation. It fascinates us and so we pursue it. Some people even enter monasteries to experience it, while others enter retreat centers and programs to find " enlightenment" or "awakening." All around the world, people spend a lot of energy and time trying to find an awakeningor enlightenment.

Enlightenment is portrayed as a powerful, strange spiritual experience. You may feel a powerful spiritual experience when you first recognize your enlightenment, but it is not the enlightenment that is producing it. Quite simply, we can say that enlightenment is the awareness of true self. Your ego and its knowledge are not enlightenment. The awareness of the ego and its experience is your natural state, which is called enlightenment. So the next time you ask what enlightenment is, remember the period of enlightenment which you have experienced in your life. Life will always have its challenges. The difference that enlightenment makes is how we respond to those challenges. Enlightenment means discovering your true eternal self. You wake up to who you are and gain the ability to see each person as sacred as you are. Discover how to find enlightenment through the various articles, podcasts, and books by Dr. Robert Puff at Enlightenment Podcast.

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