Guide To Enlightenment

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Being spiritual does not mean that one must forsake the world or worldly relationships and joys. Taking up spirituality is much more than this. Enlightenment awakening guides one regarding the art of coping with the world while at the same time detaching oneself from it. Attachment brings unhappiness; non-attachment brings peace. We waste the majority of the valuable moments of our lives by worrying about the future and regretting the past. We must remember that life is here and now. Life has to be lived to its fullest at each passing moment in order to attain its actual ecstasy.

Enlightenment is not something which can be gained through external efforts. The guide to enlightenment imparts important insights regarding one’s true self by quieting all personal delusions and false thoughts. This path brings about the awakening of a free soul, a soul which is released from all mundane, worldly shackles and is at peace and in perfect communion with the true, ultimate self. No matter how hard one may attempt to put it into words, the meaning of enlightenment is ultimately incomprehensible. Enlightenment awakening is not an experience that can be evoked upon command, but rather an experience that must be lived first-hand, individually. Obtain a guide to enlightenment by Dr. Robert Puff, who offers helpful tips to help you awaken to the world of spiritual enlightenment.

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